Friday, January 19, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 579: 1990 Star - #9

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Star
Card number:  9

The ninth card of the eleven card 1990 Star Barry Larkin set features one of the better photographs of the set.  I also like the back information - a quick glance at all of Larkin's individual game "bests."  For example, as of the time of the set, Larkin's best home run output in a single game was only one but his best hits total was four (done 4 times).  He also had a 21 game hitting streak back in 1988.  Pretty cool - and different from what you got on the card backs of most other sets at the time.  This is easily one of my favorite cards in the set!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 17 & 18: All About that Base, that Base.

Only one more day until Friday...I think I can make it!  The first week back at work is always tough...but thankfully I've made it this far (and I don't actually teach on Thursdays, though I do typically have a ton of meetings on Thursday).  Anyhow, you don't care about my work schedule - but perhaps you are interested in seeing some sweet, sweet base cards.  You better be, because as it turns out, the next two packs contain nothing but the finest base cards.  Who needs stinking inserts anyways?

Pack 17:
32.  Nomar Garciaparra
80.  Kenny Rogers

128.  Benito Santiago
147.  Edgardo Alfonzo

165.  Carl Everett
195.  Greg Vaughn
203.  Andrews Galarraga
265.  Miguel Del Toro
330.  Darren Dreifort
429.  Russ Davis

One of the big benefits for a set collector when you get a pack of all base cards is that you have a better chance at making progress towards completing said base set.  That's exactly what happened here for me:  I needed a pair of cards making this one of the more productive packs out of the box so far.  Obviously, I'm happy with that outcome.  Who needs inserts anyhow?

Pack 18:
4.  NL RBI Leaders
101.  Adrian Beltre
105.  Rey Ordonez
155.  Kansas City Royals
172.  Andruw Jones
187.  Bruce Aven
198.  Joe Mays
199.  Chicago White Sox

255.  Cincinnati Reds
445.  NL Division Series

My second pack of all base today...and the second pack with two new cards for my set.  That's awesome - and it ups the total number of new cards from the box to 19...just a bit above the one-per-pack ratio that I need to beat if I'm to complete the full set by the end of the box!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 15 & 16: Trying to Improve the Ratio

Another day, another couple of packs of 2000 Fleer Tradition.  My goal of the box was to finish my base set off (and maybe an insert set or two if I got lucky).  So far, through 14 packs I've landed 14 new cards for my collection.  I need to up that pace just a bit if I'm going to realize my let's start now, shall we?

Pack 15:
44.  Omar Vizquel
75.  Carlos Febles

145.  Justin Thompson
224.  Brett Hinchliffe
226.  Rolando Arrojo
305.  Kerry Wood
388.  Anaheim Angels
410.  Tom Goodwin
433.  Seattle Mariners
434.  Chad Harville & Luis Vizcaino

As long as I get at least one new card per pack, I won't complain.  The Febels was new to me in this pack so I'll say this was a successful pack.

Pack 16:
90.  Toronto Blue Jays
103.  Michael Barrett
162.  Houston Astros
190.  Eric Chavez
191.  Al Martin
290.  Carl Pavano
320.  Jose Canseco
420.  Bernie Williams
442.  AL Division Series
Who to Watch:  1.  Rick Ankiel

Ugh.  Nothing new...right after I said I needed to start doing better than one-per-pack, I actually do worse.  Oh well, still over half the box to go...maybe the second half will be better?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Barry Larkin Collection 578: 1990 Star - #8

Barry Larkin
Year:  1990
Brand:  Star
Card number:  8

The eighth card in the 1990 Star Barry Larkin set is the second card featuring Larkin's career information write-up.  I actually didn't know that Larkin went on the tour of Japan back in 1988, nor did I know that he was the team's MVP during that tour.  That's a fun little tidbit and for me, it's amazing that a set this "simple" was able to teach me something new about a player I've collected for yours.  For that alone, this set is a winner (even if I don't particularly like the image chosen for the card front, I'll simply ignore that since the back description is so good)!

Monday, January 15, 2018

2000 Fleer Tradition: Packs 13 & 14: Back to Work Edition

Today marks my first day back at work for the new college semester.  This year, my college went back a week later than usual which gave me a full month off.  While I definitely enjoyed the time off, the bitter cold over most of the break severely restricted what I actually felt like doing during that time!  That said, ready or not, classes are back in session and therefore, I'm back at work!

There aren't many things good about the first day back to work after a long break, especially when that first day occurs on a Monday.  However, ripping a couple of packs of baseball cards always helps, right?!

Pack 13:
19  Orber Moreno

58.  Mike Cameron
65.  Doug Glanville
73.  Mike Stanley
245.  Kenny Lofton
285.  Jeff Shaw
313.  John Franco
389.  Rob Ryan & Nick Bierbrodt
423.  Scott Rolen
Who to Watch:  5.  Chad Hermansen

Well, I only needed the Orber card out of that pack.  More impressively, this is the first time I've ever heard of the name "Orber" for anything or anyone. 

Pack 14:
34.  Eddie Taubensee
99.  Luis Gonzalez
152.  Freddy Garcia
250.  Shawn Green
314.  Jason Schmidt
343.  Vladimir Guerrero
400.  Mark McGwire
419.  Al Leiter
424.  Jason Kendall
Dividends:  12.  Mike Piazza

I only needed the Piazza insert in this pack, but at least I got one card I needed here.  Thanks to the Orber from pack 13 and the Piazza from this pack, I'm not up to a whopping 14 cards that I've gained for my exactly 14 packs.  While I appreciate getting (on average) a new card each pack, that rate alone won't be quite enough to finish off the base set and the insert sets that I'm working on.  I need to pick up the pace just a bit!